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If you’ve seen one billiard table, you’ve seen them all. Hoping to break from those stale conventions, Massimiliano Maggio and Fabio Bronda, the ambitious Italian designers, have introduced a strikingly innovative concept for what would not only be the most luxurious pool table in the world but also undeniably the boldest as well. It’s called […]

Speaking about design around pool tables, Milan Design week (the most important design event of the year) is fast approaching, so it is time to celebrate our iconic items who made the history of Designer Massimiliano Maggio at the Salone del Mobile over the years! It all started with the Kokà Collection designed by Massimiliano […]

Luxury pool tables are a really must have nowadays, when decorating a game room.Here at Massimiliano Maggio Made in Italy Luxury Billiards, we made the game tables a focus for all our clients who are willing to display an iconic item and boost their home project. Since pandemic era begun and this whole Covid situation […]

Luxury Foosball MITO, by Designer Massimiliano Maggio ( Edit. luxury pool table Ziggurat and Terra pool table Designer) has been chosen to decor one of the most exquisite spots at the very special venue of PIPERO restaurant, in Rome.Pairing food and design is always a good idea when developing an entertaining space: any visit to […]

Massimiliano Maggio luxury billiard tables are made following the best Italian manufacturing experience and selecting the best raw materials worldwide. The structure of all these amazing tables is made of Italian Solid Wood; the playing field features a 2.5 cm top quality slate from Lavagna, Genova; Rubbers K66 and Gorina best quality cloth are meant […]

Billiard table Terra is the ultimate, outstanding work of art and a four handed project by Massimiliano Maggio and Fabio Bronda. The main idea was one of a huge monolith with a single leg at the base, uncentered.The real challenge in developing such an amazing item is off course to have a perfect balanced billiard […]